Why downsize home?

There are many reasons why older people downsize home. These include:

  • Your current home and garden may be too big and difficult to manage
  • You may have trouble with stairs and getting out and about
  • You want to reduce your bills like rising energy costs and day to day expenses
  • You may face large bills for repair and refurbishment of your home
  • You want to free up some money for yourself or for your children
  • You want to move somewhere that offers care, support and company
  • You want to move closer to your children or grandchildren

Despite all these reasons, many people put off making a decision about moving home until it’s too late. In Britain it’s estimated that only one in ten older people downsize while in the USA for example one in five do so.

Downsizingdirect.com aims to help you make the right choice of home at the right time. Contact us for free advice and practical support.

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