More housing options for older people = more housing options for younger people


Britain has a housing crisis. Most of the solutions have focused on building many more affordable homes for young people - 300,000 new homes a year no less.

Not so much attention has been given to existing housing stock. Many older people have several spare bedrooms in houses that are too big to heat and maintain.

There are Homeshare schemes where older people can let out rooms to young people at nominal rent in return for companionship and practical support.

But one of the biggest barriers to older people moving is the lack of housing options despite the benefits of downsizing for all generations.

A new report on Fairness for all ages calls on government to set up a national taskforce to review retirement housing and help boost supply.

Many older people want to move if they can find somewhere locally, close to friends, family and facilities. But we need developers, investors, planners and others to help make it happen - with government.


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