Is there a gender dimension to downsizing?


Men and women, Venus and Mars etc.

There have been some interesting media articles which suggest that downsizing home may have a gender dimension.

First, former Labour Government Minister Chris Mullin has written in the Daily Mail about the difficulties of dealing with all his stuff. Or as the sub-editors have called it, 'the sheer hell of downsizing'.

By contrast Dee Williams in Washington state, USA, has told the New York Times about the joys of downsizing to 84 square feet and 305 possessions. The simpler life is summed up in her book, The Big Tiny.

So how come Dee has been able to do what Chris seemingly can't?

This blog looks at the different attitudes to downsizing between men and women. Is it all down to gender?

Stephen Burke is director of United for All Ages and founder of


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