A good time to discuss downsizing


It feels like Easter is the new Christmas. Lots of people (not just MPs) are taking a couple of weeks off work this Easter, perhaps because it's a bit later this year.

For many, it’s a chance to catch up with other members of their family. How are they doing and what might improve their life?

It’s at times like this that you might notice that an older relative is not managing so well at home, can’t handle the stairs or look after the garden. Perhaps they have lost a partner and don’t need such a big home. Or they need to reduce their bills.

Whatever the situation, it’s important to have an honest conversation. What would make life better for them? Would a move to a smaller home, perhaps nearer other family members, be a good idea?

We have just published five tips on things to think about before downsizing. And please contact downsizingdirect.com for free advice and practical support if you want to talk through the issues.

Stephen Burke

Founder of downsizingdirect.com and director of United for All Ages


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