A cultural conundrum or lack of business nous?


Estimates suggest that just ten per cent of older homeowners downsize in the UK. In the USA it's said that that figure is at least double.

What is clear is that there is much more downsizing activity on the web in the USA. From help with downsizing to yard sales by downsizers, it's all the talk of seniors and their families, estate agents and a growing number of support agencies.

In parts of Australia there are also tax incentives to encourage downsizing.

The facts of life with an ageing population would suggest that downsizing is an idea whose time has come. Growing numbers of older people want a decent income in later life as they live longer and don't need as much space let alone big bills.

So what's holding many people back in the UK? Many say it's the lack of housing options for older people together with a lack of information and advice on what is available. 

It's time that housing developers woke up to the opportunities that come with a growing 60 plus population. All they need to do is look across the Atlantic to see what could be done.

Then older people in the UK would have a much greater choice.

Stephen Burke is founder of www.downsizingdirect.com and director of United for All Ages and www.goodcareguide.co.uk


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