Tiny House Nation - how downsizing is taking over the world

Apparently 'downsizing' was one of the words of the year in 2015, according to estate agents and others. Media coverage has been relentless - from the benefits of releasing capital to new lifestyles. One of our favourites is an import...... read more

Would 'help to move' for older homeowners help tackle housing crisis?

Much of the response to the housing crisis has focused on helping first-time buyers. Schemes like ‘Help to buy’ have supported home ownership by younger people. But the housing crisis goes much wider. And the solutions also need to...... read more

Are rising house prices boosting downsizing?

Almost everyday there seem to be new reports that house prices in the UK continue to increase. The biggest rises are in London and surrounding areas but throughout the country prices are still rising much faster than salaries. While there has...... read more

A cultural conundrum or lack of business nous?

Estimates suggest that just ten per cent of older homeowners downsize in the UK. In the USA it's said that that figure is at least double. What is clear is that there is much more downsizing activity on the web in the USA. From help with...... read more

Is there a gender dimension to downsizing?

Men and women, Venus and Mars etc. There have been some interesting media articles which suggest that downsizing home may have a gender dimension. First, former Labour Government Minister Chris Mullin has written in the Daily Mail about the...... read more

A good time to discuss downsizing

It feels like Easter is the new Christmas. Lots of people (not just MPs) are taking a couple of weeks off work this Easter, perhaps because it's a bit later this year. For many, it’s a chance to catch up with other members of their...... read more

Creating a 'whole chain' housing effect

A recent Demos survey showed that 58% of the over 60s were interested in downsizing (rising to 75% among those with four and five bedroom homes), while 25% said they were interested in downsizing to a retirement property in particular. And why...... read more

Building 'the right sort of housing' key to boost downsizing

The ExtraCare Charitable Trust develops mixed tenure retirement villages for people who may or may not need care services. Within a typical village of 250 apartments, the proportions can vary, but depending on local needs we could have up to 80% of...... read more

Savings on energy costs a major incentive to downsize

With energy prices escalating and continuing harsh winters anticipated, downsizing to a new build retirement apartment could help older homeowners save up to £1,400 a year in energy bills. At McCarthy & Stone, we have just launched a...... read more

It's about 'extended middle age'

United for All Ages wants to help those with more-than-enough living space - mostly the over 60s - to help those with not enough - mostly the under 35s. Absolutely right. Hanover Housing Association believes there is a huge market - around 85,000...... read more

Money or company - what matters most?

Did you know 8 in 10 over 60s own their home in England, and this housing is worth a staggering £1.2 trillion? We’re a nation of homeowners, yet the number and quality of properties for older people to buy is woeful....... read more

What's stopping older homeowners from downsizing?

With the Budget looming on 19 March, everyone is lobbying the Chancellor with their favourite ideas. One of these calls for downsizers to be made exempt from stamp duty. The Chartered Institute of Housing has proposed that older people on pension...... read more

It's good for you and good for society

The term “downsizing” seems to be a dirty word in the UK yet just over the pond our American friends are twice as likely to pack their bags, sell up and head off to a condo in the sun once their chickens have flown the coop. So is it...... read more

Why we have launched

There are micro and macro reasons for launching For individual older homeowners there are clear benefits from downsizing. Older people talk about feeling liberated from not having to maintain a large property and from having...... read more


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